Arm Lift in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Am I a candidate for an Arm Lift?

Many women and men who have flabby or sagging skin folds have them because of weight loss. Even though weight loss offers several advantages, one major disadvantage is sagging skin that may hang from arms and other body parts after significant weight loss. Not only is hanging skin on the arm unattractive, it also allows for inability to fit into sleeved shirts or wear sleeveless ones with enough confidence. There is also the problem of irritation and rashes on the underarm skin. An arm lift in Toronto can help give you the firm youthful arms you once had. Dr. Plant has been performing arm lift surgery to Ontario patients at his Toronto and Orillia offices. Many arm lift patients from Toronto and the surrounding areas of Markham and Vaughan trust Dr. Plant to perform their surgery because of his personal approach and innovative surgical procedures.

What is an Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty or arm lift surgery in Toronto removes the excess skin from your upper arms. With an arm lift, you can regain the confidence to wear sleeveless clothes once again.

Traditional method of Arm Lift

This is a procedure more suitable for Toronto patients who have lost over 45kg or more resulting in excessive skin sagging on the arms. The incision scar runs from the armpit to the elbow in this surgery.

Extended method of Arm Lift

This is for you if you have lost over 43kg or more in weight and have excessive skin on the arm and also on the outer upper area of the chest. This procedure leaves a permanent scar running from your elbow to the upper chest area.

Minimal incision method of Arm Lift

This Toronto arm lift procedure is for you if you have lost a minimal amount of weight resulting in a small amount of excessive skin and are otherwise healthy and fit. This procedure gives you a permanent yet tiny scar in your arm pit.

What can I expect from my Arm Lift in Toronto?

Any resultant bruising or swelling from the surgery will diminish over the first month and will be completely gone in about 3 months. The scars also begin to fade within 6 months depending on the procedure and your skin type.

How long is downtime from an Arm Lift in Orillia?

Whichever procedure is performed for your arm lift in Toronto, your arms will be placed in an elastic sleeve or wrapped for promoting reduction in swelling. All non-strenuous activities can normally be resumed within 2 weeks, but any strenuous activity and exercise can only be resumed after a month to 6 weeks. During the healing period, it is important that the incisions on the arm are not subjected to any abrasion, force or excessive motion. Speak to Dr. Plant regarding any specific questions you may have about your recovery during a one-on-one consultation at his Toronto or Orillia office. Our office is conveniently located 42 km East of Mississauga and 26 km South of Markham, Ontario.