Breast Reconstruction in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Ontario

What is Breast Reconstruction?

There are several surgical techniques Dr. Plant may use, depending on the type of mastectomy performed. Many women from Toronto and the surrounding areas of Vaughan and Mississauga have placed their trust in Dr. Mathew Plant for their breast reconstruction surgery in Toronto. If you are ready to see if a breast reconstruction is right for you, call our Toronto or Orillia office today to schedule a consultation.

Am I the right candidate for Breast Reconstruction in Toronto?

If you have undergone a mastectomy, total or modified radical procedures, a Toronto breast reconstruction may be a good option for you. If you are missing any skin or tissue due to those procedures, breast reconstruction helps create a breast that looks as normal as possible. There are several techniques Dr. Plant uses to reconstruct a breast for patients. A consultation with him in his Toronto or Orillia office is the first step to achieving your breast reconstruction goals.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery with Use of Expander

Once the surgery is complete, the skin is tight. Therefore, Dr. Plant places an expander under the skin and chest muscles, then gradually injects saline over a period of time, stretching the overlying skin. Once there is enough skin, this expander is removed and the skin is harvested to be used to reshape the breast using a breast implant or fat deposits from another area of your body known as fat grafting.

If you want, Dr. Plant can reconstruct a nipple/areola at a later time. Dr. Plant may adjust the pocket where the breast implant is placed at a future date in order to obtain the best possible result.

Breast Reconstruction – Latissimus Flap

During this procedure, the muscles from the back of your shoulder blade are used to recreate a new breast. A section consisting of fat, skin and muscle is brought to the breast mound from the back for the reconstruction.

Many patients undergoing a Latissimus Flap procedure also require a tissue expander for additional volume. In some cases, this expander is replaced with a permanent implant. After mastectomy, the patient is turned onto her side or stomach. A section of fat, skin and muscle is lifted off the back from below the shoulder blade region. This flap or tissue is then brought to the breast mound for recreation of the new breast.

TRAM (Transverse Rectus Abdominus Myocutaneous) Flap Breast Reconstruction

A flap of lower abdominal wall fat, skin and muscle is moved to the area where the breast tissue is missing usually with its own blood supply. The site of transfer in the abdomen is closed like in a tummy tuck leaving the patient with a tighter abdomen and a horizontal scar.

It is attempted to recreate a normal breast for the patient during the first operation. However, smaller procedures at later dates are necessary for other procedures like reconstruction of the areola and nipple. These are elective procedures though.

What can I expect during my Breast Reconstruction surgery?

Your expectations depend on which technique is used to reconstruct your breast. Your Toronto breast reconstruction may or may not require an additional surgery. It is very important that you discuss your expectations with Dr. Plant during a one-on-one consultation at his Toronto or Orillia office.

How long is downtime from Breast Reconstruction?

If Dr. Plant uses the expander technique, any initial discomfort can be controlled with oral medicines. Depending on tolerance, light activities can be resumed. Most Toronto patients have to wait about a month for any aerobic activities once the first or second stage of the procedure is complete.

Latissimus breast reconstruction is a major procedure requiring several days of hospitalization. Back and breast sites will be uncomfortable for several weeks. Healing might take up to 6 weeks.

Similarly, TRAM is a major surgery requiring you to be hospitalized for several days. You can begin walking within a day of surgery, but it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks for you to be completely comfortable. The full recovery period will take about 8 weeks.

Scheduling a Breast Reconstruction Consultation in Toronto or Orillia

If you have been considering a breast reconstruction and want to figure out which technique is right for you, call our Toronto or Orillia office today to schedule a consultation with board certified surgeon Dr. Mathew Plant. Dr. Plant serves breast reconstruction patients all over Ontario and his Toronto office is only 15 km South of Markham and 26 km South of Richmond Hill.