Breast Reduction in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Ontario

What is Breast Reduction surgery?

A breast reduction in Toronto helps in reducing the size of the breasts with the removal of excessive skin and tissue.

Breast reduction surgery is a frequent choice for women in Toronto who are not comfortable with the large size of their breasts. Patients suffering from related issues like pain in the breasts, skin rashes, back pain, or excessive sweating below the breast, may be a good candidate for a breast reduction. Dr. Plant performs breast reduction surgery for patients all over Toronto and its surrounding areas like Markham and Vaughan, Ontario. Breast reduction patients trust Dr. Plant to perform their surgery because of his personalized approach and extensive knowledge with breast surgeries. To see if a breast reduction is right for you, call our Toronto or Orillia office for a consultation today.

Am I the right candidate for Breast Reduction in Toronto?

If you are a Toronto woman with large breasts that are interfering with your lifestyle or making you self-conscious, then you may want to consider a breast reduction. Large breasts can cause neck, back or shoulder pain, which affects your overall lifestyle. If you have any of these problems, you should contact Dr. Plant to set up a breast reduction consultation at his Toronto office to see if breast reduction is right for you.

To some patients, excessively large breasts lead to medical problems like neck, back or shoulder pain. In such cases, your Toronto breast reduction surgery may be covered under your health insurance plan. Dr. Plant will help you determine whether your procedure is likely to be covered during your consultation.

What can I expect during a Breast Reduction?

Dr. Plant will remove excess tissue and skin during the procedure giving you smaller and firmer breasts. The areola and nipple will be raised higher as well to incorporate the new proportions of the breasts creating a more natural look.

How long is the downtime from a Breast Reduction?

After the surgery, you will be required to take at least 7 days off from school or work. Some women may require a longer recovery time, but this varies from one patient to another. Dr. Plant will instruct you on follow-up appointments for removing bandages and stitches.

Schedule a Breast Reduction Consultation in Toronto or Orillia

If you have been considering a breast reduction surgery, you should call the office of Dr. Plant to set up a one-on-one consultation at our Toronto or Orillia office. During the consultation with board certified surgeon Dr. Plant, he will go over your specific requirements to get the results you are looking for and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Plant has two locations, one in Orillia and Toronto, Canada. His office is located just 26 km South of Richmond Hill and 42 km East of Mississauga. Call us today to see why Dr. Plant is the right surgeon for you!