Breast Implant Revision – Why is it necessary?

By DLM Admin on 04/01/2018 in Breast Implant Revision , Breast Implants , Plastic Surgery

According to a 2011 report by the FDA, one in five patients needed a replacement or revision procedure after ten years of having implants. This means that many women will enjoy their implants for even longer, or some might choose to have a replacement sooner. Here are a few reasons why a second breast implant […]

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When to Replace Breast Implants

By DLM Admin on 28/09/2017 in Breast Augmentation , Breast Implant Revision , Breast Implants

A common myth is that breast implants need to be replaced every ten years, however, breast implant revision surgery in Toronto is only necessary if there is a problem with the breast implants. Capsular contracture, which occurs when scar tissue forms improperly around the implant causing a hardened and deformed breast, is a common cause […]

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