Lip Enhancement in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Am I the right candidate for Lip Enhancement?

If you were born with thin lips or they have thinned due to aging, you can count on lip enhancement in Toronto, Ontario to create or restore lost volume. Each year, many patients in the Mississauga and Richmond Hill areas opt for this procedure and are extremely satisfied and happy with the results.

Coming in from Markham and Vaughan, What exactly is Lip Enhancement?

Natural or synthetic fillers are injected into your lips to keep them looking plump for a few months to a year. You could also opt for surgical procedure for an implant for permanent results.

Is Lip Augmentation for me?

If you want to change the appearance of your thin lips or desire fuller lips, you are the right candidate for lip enhancement. If you refrain from smiling because your lips get thinner as you smile, this will help you get your confident smile back!

How is Lip Augmentation surgery performed in Toronto?

There are several ways for you to achieve fuller lips; these include:
• Injections with fat
• Synthetic fillers
• Dermal grafting
• Vermillion advancement
• Lip lift and implants

Dr. Plant may use injections, implants or grafting to add volume to your lips, enhancing the plumpness. A lift or vermillion advancement will help alter the shape and increase in the colored area of the lips.

The longevity of the results depend on the procedure chosen and varies from one patient to the next. Injections using fat may require multiple visits, but offer a more permanent enhancement option. Additionally, depending on the kind of filler being used, results from filler injections may last from 3 months to a year. You can achieve permanent lip enhancement with procedures like dermal grafting, a lip lift, as well as lip implants.

Scheduling a Consultation

Toronto residents can begin their lip enhancement process by making a consultation with Dr. Plant. Potential patients, at their consultation, can learn more about the benefits, the procedure, and the cost of lip surgery. For those living in Markham or Mississauga, calling his office at (647) 930-9591 can allow you to book a consultation to speak with Dr. Plant and discuss your desires.