Rhinoplasty in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Am I the right candidate for Rhinoplasty?

A Rhinoplasty or nose job may be right for you if you have an asymmetrical or crooked nose. You may have been the victim of an accident, which left your nose bent out of shape. You may be the right candidate for Rhinoplasty if you have inherited a nose with depressions, large bumps, or a shape that does not symmetrically fit the rest of your face. A Rhinoplasty in Toronto, Ontario can help patients achieve their appearance related goals.

What is Rhinoplasty?

This is a procedure, offered in the Toronto area, that can reshape your nose for increased facial harmony. This procedure also helps with correction of impaired breathing due to any structural defects in your nose. Here are some things you can change with a nose job:

• The size of your nose as compared to other facial features
• Width of your nose or the position/size of the nostrils
• Tip of the nose that is bulbous, drooping, hooked or upturned
• Large, upturned or wide nostrils
• Asymmetrical nose

What can you expect from Rhinoplasty performed in Orillia?

Do keep in mind that everybody has some asymmetry in their face to some degree. Having said that, Rhinoplasty can help you with a more symmetrical nose within your facial features. A deviated septum can be treated as well with Rhinoplasty reducing the projections within the nose and aid with breathing. In the Clearview and Scarborough areas, nose surgery can improve many conditions.

What is the recovery period from a nose job performed in Toronto?

For the first few days following the reshaping of your nose, Dr. Plant will use splints and gauze packing to support your nose as it begins to heal. Even though the initial swelling diminishes within the first few weeks, it could take up to one year for the actual reshaping of your nose to be visible. Throughout the year, you will notice gradual modifications to the appearance of your nasal shape as it moves towards a permanent result.

With aging, there will be gradual changes to your facial features, which will include your nose. However, most of the results will be permanent. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protection from the sun will always help to ensure long lasting results.

Learn more about Rhinoplasty

Patients residing in the Clearview or Scarborough areas  can visit Dr. Plant to ask questions and learn more about the possibility of surgery. To schedule a consultation, you are encouraged to visit his Toronto or Orillia offices. Learning more about nose surgery, its costs and benefits, can prepare you for your own procedure. Also, for convenience, interested patients near Richmond Hill or Mississauge can also call Dr. Plant at (647) 939-9591.