Body contouring procedures are becoming more and more common as people who were once overweight get back to a healthy weight through diet, exercise or weight loss surgery. When it comes to body contouring, most people think of liposuction, which is certainly the most common, but there are actually many different procedures that can be Read More

The answer to this question is a bit complicated. OHIP will pay for breast implant removal sometimes, but how can you know if your particular case is likely to be covered or not? How do doctors know what OHIP pays for? To figure out if OHIP pays for something, it’s important to have a little Read More

If you’re opting for plastic surgery, the date of the actual procedure can feel like your “big day”. But, what you do after your procedure is nearly as important for ensuring you get the results you want. This is particularly the case for procedures performed on the face, neck, and upper body. In fact, the Read More