What Is A Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty, more commonly referred to as tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery in which Dr. Plant removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles to give a firm, smooth abdomen and a narrow, defined waist. “Belly fat” is one of the hardest areas to address with diet and exercise, and in many cases is associated with excess skin as well. While diet and exercise can help get rid of excess fat, extra skin can’t be exercised away. Tummy tuck surgery removes the excess skin to give the abdomen a contour that suits your body, allowing you to feel more confident, both in or out of clothing. Tummy tuck is one of Toronto’s most popular procedures in addition to being one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed around the world. Dr. Plant is well known for his short-scar no-drain tummy tuck and patients come from all around Canada for him to perform this procedure for them.

What Are My Tummy Tuck Options?

Depending on how much excess skin and fat you have there are several options for Abdominoplasty. Dr. Mathew Plant is one of the few plastic surgeons in Toronto that offers all options for tummy tuck, including his signature short-scar, no drain tummy tuck.
The most common types of tummy tuck are:

The most common types of tummy tuck are:

  • Standard (Old School) abdominoplasty: This is the procedure as it has been done for decades and the way most surgeons perform it still. It involves an incision from approximately hip-to-hip and around the belly button. Most surgeons tend to put the incision within the skin fold which leaves it somewhat high on the abdomen and potentially visible in certain clothing. It also involves surgical drains, which usually stay in place for 1-2 weeks and collect the fluid that the body tries to accumulate in the space where the skin and fat layer has been separated from the muscle layer below. 
  • Drainless abdominoplasty:  This is a newer technique where special barbed sutures are used to quilt the skin and fat down to the muscles below, eliminating the space where fluid attempts to collect. This procedure also involves a scar from hip-to-hip and around the belly button, typically located directly where the skin folds over.
  • Short-Scar, No-drain abdominoplasty:  This is Dr. Plant’s modification of the Drainless tummy tuck. The scar is located several centimetres lower than the average so that it sits low and is covered by most clothing. It is also typically 5-10 cm shorter than the average scar, which helps keep it short enough to hide within a bikini bottom.
  • Extended abdominoplasty: This is typically for patients who have lost a lot of weight or have given birth to twins and have a lot of excess skin. In these patients, it is necessary to extend the scar beyond the hip bones in order to give the best possible contour. 
  • Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty: This is reserved for the most extreme weight loss cases, typically where patients have lost more than 100lbs. These patients will not get an ideal result from simply ‘pulling down’ so The FDL Tummy Tummy tuck involves the extended tummy tuck scar but adds a vertical scar, allowing Dr. Plant to remove all of the excess skin in the vertical and horizontal directions. This allows for both skin removal and significant waistline contouring.
  • Mini Tummy Tuck: This procedure is for patients that have only a little bit of loose skin at the bottom of their abdomen and who don’t need their muscles tightened. The scar for this procedure sits very low and is very short, just slightly longer than a caesarian section scar. There is no scar around the belly button for this procedure.
  • Floating Abdominoplasty: This procedure is for patients who would be candidates for a mini tummy tuck, but who also need their muscles tightened. In this case the belly button is “floated” off the muscles below to allow for the tightening procedure, then sutured back down. The scar for this procedure is very similar to the scar from the mini-tummy tuck.

How Big Is The Scar From Tummy Tuck Surgery And Where Will It Be?

Dr. Plant will speak to you at your consultation about which version of the tummy tuck will get you the best results, and the scar will depend on that to a certain extent. In general, Dr. Plant’s tummy tuck patients can expect a scar that goes from nearly hip to hip (but sits low so it is hidden by most bikini bottoms). In most cases, there will also be a scar around the belly button, but Dr. Plant designs the procedure  in a way that hides the scar within the belly button. It is barely visible there, rather than around the outside of the belly button, as is commonly seen elsewhere.

Am I The Right Candidate For Tummy Tuck?

If you are a healthy patient who is unhappy with the size and/or tone of your abdomen, then a tummy tuck may be a great procedure for you. Tummy tuck is a procedure that is commonly performed on both men and women because a well-toned and flat abdomen is one of the most common goals people set when trying to get into better shape, regardless of gender. It is also one of the most difficult areas to improve with diet and exercise. If you are someone who still has a protruding abdomen or loose skin that just won’t improve no matter how much you diet and exercise, then you may be the right candidate for a tummy tuck in Toronto. If you are tired of having to stuff your “pooch” into your pants, if you are sick of wearing Spanx, or if you are done with having to wear a one-piece bathing suit to hide your stretch marks, then this may be the ideal procedure for you!

Scheduling A Tummy Tuck Consultation In Toronto

If you are considering tummy tuck Surgery in Toronto, you should book a consultation with Dr. Plantso he can personally go over the different options available to get the results you desire. He will also answer any questions you may have about your tummy tuck surgery. His office is conveniently located in central Toronto near both the 401 and the Don Valley Parkway, which has allowed him to serve abdominoplasty patients from the entire greater Toronto area, including Scarborough, Mississauga, Vaughan and Markham. He also sees patients from all over Canada who travel into Toronto specifically for his expertise and natural results.

Dr. Plant is a Royal College Certified Plastic Surgeon renowned for actively listening to what his patients are looking for and delivering those results through his meticulous surgical techniques. He is widely known for having short, low scars that hide in almost any outfit and beautiful belly buttons that patients are thrilled to show off on the beach. Contact us today to schedule your tummy tuck consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mathew Plant.


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